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Advent and Politics

Advent is the season of the church calendar leading up to Christmas. During this time, we remember when the Son of God became a human man named Jesus, about 2000 years ago, by being born from the virgin Mary, in order to eternally save all those who would put their …


Christianity is Not A Feel-Good Religion

There was a news article I read recently that has made me quite concerned for the future of Christianity and free speech in Canada.

In this article, two people were complaining that some teachings of Christianity regarding sin make people feel bad about themselves. They say that being told they …


Defending God's Justice Regarding Death

One of the frequent objections that atheists or opponents of Christianity frequently raise is about all those times in the Old Testament when God kills people, or tells the Israelites to kill certain people.

These critics claim that a God of love would never act like this, that it is …