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Reasons to Pursue Sanctification

Recently, I was discussing with a friend about how the Free Grace movement makes a clear distinction between eternal salvation (or justification) and discipleship (or sanctification).

In this view, our eternal salvation is based only on our faith in Christ as our savior, whereas discipleship involves following Christ's example and …


Purgatory for Protestants?

I've come across something strange in several books I've read. Certain Protestant authors are actually considering the idea of purgatory as legitimate, and even advocating for it to be included as a part of Protestant eschatology.

It's because, they say, some Christians die who are not yet holy enough for …


Is Correct Theology Necessary for Salvation?

While I'm not really a history expert, I was called on to TA a course last winter on the history of early Christianity. As part of this, I gave a lecture on early Christian heresies about Jesus, and why they were problematic.

If you're not familiar with the term: "Heresy …


The Antidote to Treadmill Theology

In my previous post, I had discussed a form of theology I like to call Treadmill Theology.

This theology insists that continual obedience in doing good works and sanctification (growth in holiness) is mandatory in order to be finally justified (qualified for eternal life).

The problem is that it effectively …


The Exhausting Teachings of Treadmill Theology

It's probably safe to say that no one really likes to be on a treadmill. Even if it's good for our health and gives some people a rush of endorphins, is there anyone who wouldn't rather, if they had a choice, get off the treadmill and take a break?

But …