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Articles from November 2018

Theological Insights on Why We Eat

The upcoming Christmas season is a good time for an article about eating, for many of us will be enjoying especially good food with family and friends at dinners or parties over the next month or so.

However, the specific question I will address was inspired by a friend who …


Purgatory for Protestants?

I've come across something strange in several books I've read. Certain Protestant authors are actually considering the idea of purgatory as legitimate, and even advocating for it to be included as a part of Protestant eschatology.

It's because, they say, some Christians die who are not yet holy enough for …


God Commands What He Is: Love

One sentence spoken by Jesus had always perplexed me: "You are my friends if you do what I command you." (John 15:14)

I always thought to myself "What sort of person would demand that their friends obey them in order to be considered their friends? Who would say they …