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Articles from September 2018

Why I Study Theodicy and Difficult Topics

Some Christians and even pastors shy away from the difficult topics in theology such as evil, suffering, reprobation, and hell. They say we shouldn't think about such awful things, and should focus on the positive parts of Christianity.

However, I am drawn to the challenge of these areas, all of …


Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech Under Threat

There is a concerning trend today in academia and public discourse.

It is the claim that not all views are worthy of being heard or discussed seriously. The idea is that certain ideas are beyond question or debate, and that there are settled truths which must be accepted by everyone …


Why Theology Matters

When I made the switch from engineering into theology, it was based on the question of what I felt I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing, and thus, what would be personally meaningful enough to re-train and start a new career for?

I already had some interest …