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Theodicy as a Criteria for Theology

In an earlier post, I talked about why I'm interested in theodicy. Theodicy is the attempt to defend God's goodness despite all the evil and suffering in the world.

In this post, I want to talk more about how theodicy is one criteria I use to determine some of my …


Open Theism and Bible Prophecy

I came across a book chapter titled "Open Theism in the Hands of an Angry Puritan: Jonathan Edwards on Divine Foreknowledge" by C. Samuel Storms.1 Storms tries to use Jonathan Edwards' arguments about God's foreknowledge to refute Open Theism.

Since I wrote my MTS thesis on Open Theism, and …


The Most Convincing Arguments for Hell as Annihilation

I was recently on a discussion forum where there was a debate going on about the nature of hell.

Someone was arguing for the traditional view where people who are sent to hell will be tortured forever (a.k.a Eternal Conscious Torment), whereas I was trying to get them …


Why It's Good To Read Theology

"I never read theology or Biblical studies - I only need one book: the Bible". Or so I've heard some people claim.

While this can sound pious, after thinking about it, I am concerned.

In this article I'll point out some reasons why I think all Christians should read at least …


Avoid Comparing Your Ministry or Gifts With Others

As we begin the new year, we often take time to reflect on what we've done the past year, and what we hope to do in the upcoming year.

I end up thinking not just about my career or studies, but also about how I've been doing in using all …