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Articles from May 2019

Why Christians Need to Talk More About Heaven

Have you ever heard that saying "Don't be so heavenly-minded that you're of no earthly good"?

I hate this phrase, for two main reasons:

  1. It insults Christians who do have a strong focus on heaven.
  2. It implies that thinking about heaven and doing good works are mutually exclusive.

So in …


Christians Are Superheros

It seems like there is a never-ending stream of super-hero movies being released lately. Clearly, there is some demand for this genre of story.

In many of these stories, an average person is suddenly given some sort of super-powers, and they then go on to use these powers to fight …


How To Succeed In Seminary

Are you thinking of going to seminary or bible college? Are you wondering what you need to do in order to do the best you can in your studies?

Having gone through seminary once myself, and now being a TA for two terms for a Master's level seminary course, I …